Learn How To Start, Scale, And Get Paid As An Affiliate

This Welcome Course will teach you everything you want to know to begin earning passive, recurring income with ROI Ninjas CRM.


Agency Owners

Are you a Digital Marketing Agency owner who is interested in earning passive, recurring income? This is the course (and program) for you! By learning how to leverage the ROI Ninjas CRM Affiliate Program, you'll be able to earn passive income on every referral you bring to the ROI Ninjas CRM platform. We have a growing number of successful Agency Owners that successfully run their businesses AND earn affiliate revenue.



Are you experienced with affiliate marketing? Awesome-sauce! The ROI Ninjas CRM Affiliate Program offers 40% on our ROI Ninjas CRM Subscription Plans (which ALL active ROI Ninjas CRM customers continually pay for). Our Affiliate Welcome Course goes over how to get paid, set up tracking links, access our assets, and more!


ROI Ninjas CRM vs. GoHighLevel Affiliates

ROI Ninjas CRM is a white-labeled and customized version of GHL. Also, like GHL, ROI Ninjas CRM offers the same 40% commissions on all platform subscription plans. But, we provide our own front-line support, education, and related services so you and your clients don't have to wait! We also offer managed subscriptions with dedicated Account Managers - hand-picked and trained by Charles Snyder, CEO of C E Snyder Marketing LLC.


We will get your customers up and running within 24 hours!*

*Self-Managed Subscriptions with the purchase of the White-Glove Setup. Managed Subscription setup is included at no additional cost.


  • Web-Based CRM

  • Funnel & Site Builder

  • Forms & Surveys Builder

  • Automation Builder

  • Dozens of Templates

  • Online Calendar & Scheduling

  • Capture Payments Securely

  • Social Media Manager

  • Unified Communications

  • Weekly On-Board & Tech Calls

$1,164 NOW $970/yr

Monthly Plans Now Available!!



  • 100s More Templates

  • Forms & Surveys, Done For You!

  • Automation, Done For You!

  • Email + Text Messages, Done For You!

  • VIP White-Glove Setup (i.e Done For You!)

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • In-House Support (NO Waiting!!)

  • Weekly CRM/Sales Coaching Calls

  • ROI Ninjas University (Coming Soon!)

$5,964 NOW $4,970/yr

Monthly Plans Now Available!!

What is the customer's/referral's investment?

Self-Managed is $970 annually. Managed accounts are $4,970 and also includes free 24-hour setup (except weekends). They may cancel at any time and there are no contracts. White-Glove setup may be purchased separately for Self-Managed accounts and are typically complete within 24 hours. Monthly plans are now available!

What are the commissions?

ROI Ninjas CRM Affiliates earn 40% commission on our ROI Ninjas CRM Managed and Self-Managed subscription plans. This may be monthly or annually and the affiliate payouts will be according to the subscription paid for accordingly, for the life of the subscription.

Are there caps on the commissions?

No! You get passive, recurring income based on the number of paying referrals you've made and the life of the subscription. Whenever they renew, you get paid. Whether that is one referral or one hundred, it's entirely up to you.

What is the difference between Self-Managed vs. Managed?

The biggest difference is that managed ROI Ninjas CRM accounts are assigned to one of our Account Managers. The Account Managers assist businesses with routine tasks such as database management, account maintenance, social media, marketing, and more. Self-Managed accounts mean just that, the account owner does all the work, but we still provide support. Also, Self-Managed accounts have access to the weekly On-Boarding & Support Calls. Managed accounts have access to these calls as well as weekly marketing & sales training and coaching calls at no additional cost.

Do you offer a free trial or money-back guarantee?



  • Appointments

  • Automation

  • Easy Integrations

  • Dashboard

  • Inbound/Outbound calling

  • Insights

  • Lead Management

  • Mobile App

  • Reputation Management

  • Unified Messaging

  • Social Media


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